To: President Donald Trump, The Ohio State House, The Ohio State Senate, Governor Mike DeWine, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Keep Vaping Alive!

The FDA has ruled all vaping technology and vape related products as tobacco products; this includes wire, cotton balls, batteries, screw drivers, eliquid and many other things. Vaping is saving millions of lives around the world and has been proven to be healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes. We must stop the FDA's enormous overstep.

Why is this important?

The FDA has ruled that all vape technology is considered tobacco products. This means that small businesses and thousands of jobs that can't afford to pay the millions of dollars in testing will be lost and the FDA will earn more money from giant tobacco companies and big pharmaceutical companies. We must stop this over-step. This ruling means that the vaping industry will come to a grinding hault and many people who have successfully quit smoking will be forced back to cigarettes. This means more money for big tobacco and more money to big pharmaceutical companies. We finally have a safer solution to the smoking epidemic, but our government ignores this fact because it will lose money. Millions of lives can be saved with this new technology, yet the FDA is seeking to stop it before it can be widely accepted. I urge our local, state, and federal governments to fight back towards the FDA and tell them that this kind of obstruction will not stand.


Reasons for signing

  • There’s big money in tobacco and cancer. They don’t want you to stop smoking.
  • Vaping has helped me quit smoking cigarettes going on a year and a half
  • Because the government is saying it’s bad to get tobacco sales back up