To: Berkeley Zoning Adjustment Board, L. Capitelli, Mayor T Bates,, and

Keep Walgreens off Berkeley's Solano Ave

Stop Walgreens from opening on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. Community states that Walgreens is unneeded, unwanted and will have detrimental impacts on both auto and pedestrian traffic in the small, busy intersections on Solano Avenue, create an inevitable shortage of parking and have major economic impact on existing small businesses. Stop Walgreens from opening on Solano Ave!

Why is this important?

Our small North Berkeley community already has FOUR drug stores, including CVS, Safeway Pharmacy, Pharmaca, and Sal's, in less than one mile from each other on Solano Avenue. Furthermore, there are already FIVE Walgreens in Berkeley and one is on Shattuck Avenue 1.4 miles away from the proposed site on 1830 Solano Avenue. The proposed Walgreens is to replace our only neighborhood gas station on Solano Avenue. A more reasonable alternative would be a multi use building with several smaller retail spaces and residential units above. There is tremendous opposition in the community to this Michigan based developer building a "just shy of" 10,000 SF Walgreens in this location. If Walgreens succeeds in opening, existing small businesses, local traffic and surrounding residential housing will suffer major negative impacts. Think gridlock. There is not enough parking as it is on Solano Ave. and the proposed 22 parking spaces are not enough for a 10,000 SF Walgreens! The community is outraged and, in a recent community meeting with the developer, expressed 100% opposition to having a Walgreens in our neighborhood!