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To: Feather Houston, SRC Board Member, Wendell Pritchett, SRC Board Member, Sylvia Simms, SRC Board Member, Al Dia News, News media, CBS 3 Philly, News Media, CBS 3 Philly, News Media, KYW, News Media, PA Associated Press, News Media, Fox 29...

Keep Walter D. Palmer Leadership Partners Charter School Open

To all of our Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff, Friends and fellow school choice supporters, stop the threats of the School District of Philadelphia proposed recommendations to revoke our charter and shut down our school. We are NOT CLOSING!

Why is this important?

Dr. Walter Palmer and the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School have been on the front line of the school choice movement from its start. Recently we were successful in striking a major blow for school choice for parents and students across the state of Pennsylvania when the court ruled in our favor and gave Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School and Pennsylvania Charter schools in general the right to expand without caps on our enrollment. In clear retaliation fashion, the following day the school district of Philadelphia made recommendations to the school reform commission to close our school. Our children's education should be our top priority. We must stop them in their tracks and keep our school open.


Reasons for signing

  • uxDs2B
  • ALL cruelty and murder must end now.
  • I would want him put to jail for 30 years

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