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To: General Motors CEO Mary Barra

Keep your promise. Stop funding insurrectionists like Ron Johnson!

Keep your promise. Stop funding insurrectionists like Ron Johnson!

Tell General Motors and all corporations: no donations to Ron Johnson and his fellow insurrection apologists.

Why is this important?

The world watched in horror as white supremacist Trump supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of our free and fair election. In the aftermath, General Motors was part of a wave of companies who suspended donations to election objectors, pledging to pause their political contributions and reevaluate their standards. But it turns out that GM has donated tens of thousands of dollars to re-elect lawmakers who voted to overturn the election, making them one of the top corporate donors to insurrectionists. Senator Ron Johnson is among them. Johnson is trying to rewrite history by lying and saying that January 6 was “by and large a peaceful protest.” It was not. Johnson has even gone so far as to vote to object to the election results, to acquit Donald Trump for inciting the insurrection, and to block a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack.

General Motors paused their political donations to insurrectionists and then started up again when they thought no one was watching. Nothing has changed. Ron Johnson has still enabled attacks on our democracy and values corporate profits over his constituents. And he is one of the leading apologists in Congress trying to rewrite the history of the fatal insurrection of January 6. None of the lawmakers who voted to overthrow the American people's election should receive a single dollar more in donations. And Ron Johnson is particularly reprehensible.

Throughout history, we've consistently seen white supremacy and right-wing groups go unchecked for the violence and terror they cause. We saw Donald Trump get both enabled and supported by Republicans for four years as he attacked our democracy over and over. Then, after inciting the insurrection, the Republican Party did nothing to hold Trump accountable.

And that’s not all: Senate Republicans used the Jim Crow filibuster, a tool invented by pro-slavery senators before the Civil War that prevented the passage of over 200 anti-lynching bills over the years, to block a bipartisan commission that would have investigated this attack on our democracy.
This is what General Motors’ donations are enabling. It’s unacceptable for them to backpedal on their promise to stop funding insurrectionists.

Republicans like Ron Johnson consistently got in the way of providing much-needed relief to hurting Americans but magically found funds for the wealthy and corporations by passing a massive tax cut. They called the virus a hoax while hundreds of thousands of people died across the country. They packed the courts. They pushed through a Supreme Court justice in eight days, seven days before a presidential election. They incited an insurrection led by white nationalists.

Johnson is more interested in spreading lies and conspiracy theories than in governing for the American people. He is one of the richest members of Congress who has consistently turned his back on his constituents when they needed him most, while looking out only for himself, special interests, and his bank account.

After a briefing on the COVID-19 in January 2020, before many of us knew of the possibility of a pandemic, Johnson sold millions of dollars in stock to line his own pockets.

He was the deciding vote on legislation that gave the ultra-rich and corporations a $1.7 trillion tax cut. Then, while hundreds of thousands of Americans died from COVID-19, millions were going hungry, and millions were unemployed and living paycheck to paycheck, he voted against COVID-19 relief and direct payment relief that would actually help people … twice.

Enough is enough. The GOP Treason Caucus objected to the election results, refused to hold Trump accountable for inciting a deadly insurrection, helped him evade consequences, and blocked an investigation on the attack.

General Motors, stop funding white supremacy, insurrection, misinformation, conspiracy theories, violence, and attacks on our democracy!



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