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Kelly's Pub: Rape Is Not A Joke, Remove "Date Grape" From Your Menu

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Kelly's Pub in Clarksville, TN has been heavily promoting a drink called "Date Grape" in their bar and on the street outside the bar. It is grotesque and disgusting that the bar management has laughed and ignored repeated requests by concerned patrons to change the name of this drink. Rape is not a joke. 1 in 4 women will survive a rape or an attempted rape in their lifetime. Millions suffer lifelong trauma as a result of these horrific crimes. We demand that the owners of Kelly's Pub show some respect for themselves, stop trivializing rape and sexual assault, and remove the drink from their menu.

Why is this important?

We are asking Kelly's Pub in Clarksville, TN to remove their heavily promoted drink "Date Grape" from their list of drinks. This drink trivializes rape and we are asking that the bar listen to the concerns of the people and fix this issue immediately.