To: Robert B. Johnson, Chair, Linda Mason, Vice Chair, Kathleen Spears, Secretary, Dr. Roberta (Bobbi) Burke, Ken Doubler, Dr. Robert Hammon, Kathleen Watkins, President Tom Choice, and Board of Trustees

Kishwaukee College, Bargain in Good Faith with Faculty

The Kishwaukee College faculty and its administration have been negotiating for a contract since March. Not one member of the Board of Trustees has attended negotiations and the administrators bargaining on their behalf have been stalling the process and playing games during talks. We demand the Board push the administration to bargain in good faith.

Why is this important?

Kishwaukee's faculty is dedicated to the students it serves and expects the School's administration to demonstrate its dedication by ending the games and bargaining in good faith. The administration has pushed half-truths and misinformation to the public regarding the talks and threatened faculty with arrests for attempting to pass along information to students. We demand the Board and Administration roll up their sleeves and hammer out a deal that is fair to faculty and the students they serve. More information ----->


Reasons for signing

  • Solidarity from an NYU grad worker!
  • As a former student and lawyer, I hate to see important negoatiations ruined by petty bickering and a lack of good faith. The administration needs to deal with this realistically and without the drama, bad faith, and lack of integrity seen in too many dealings between workers and employers.
  • I support all my teachers during these negotiations,I'm Totaly appalled at the way Tom Choice and the board are handling this and can't believe the condescending remarks he has made about our teachers! Good luck guys,I am behind you 100%!

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