To: President Donald Trump

Kizzy Hunter: Protect the Rights of Injured Workers'

Protect the rights of injured workers and stand against oppression, injustice, and discrimination of these vulnerable citizens and their families.

Why is this important?

If laws presently on the books are diligently enforced, and if the rights of injured workers are still not protected, this creates a great injustice to injured workers as well as society as a whole. The injustice not only plagues injured workers and their families it burdens the economy. Anyone is susceptibe to a work related injury and this petition demands fair and just treatment across the board for injured workers. Ms. Hunter has continued to fight against the gross violation of injured workers' rights through her own work related injury. She knows firsthand the disadvantage, oppression, and nihilism that detrimentally impacts workers' as a whole. This is a real and palpable issue due to the excessive shift in costs, increased poverty rates, lack of accountability, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, lack of transparency, conflict of interest, misrepresentation, which places massive burdens upon taxpayers, and other managed health care entities, the economy, and skyrocketing rate increases as a result of filing a claim, which significantly impacts small businesses. Also, excessive costs placed upon the government through Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security permeates a significant problem. Injured workers you're not alone and this petition demands protection of injured workers rights, fair treatment, and accountability for compensable injuries.