To: Facebook

Kurdish speaking Anarchist Forum need your help to unblock Facebook account, page and groups

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We as Kurdish speaking Anarchist Forum need your help to sign our petition
As you are aware since 2015 our facebook account : Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum under the name of KAF ( Anarkistan Azadixwazan) have been blocked by Facebook team.

Many times we have made Facebook aware that our account is a group account not individual account. In response, they asked us to provide them evidence/identities to prove our statement. We always replied and in many occasions we met their demands by providing Iraqi identity of the group’s members but still have not received a satisfied answer from them.

Please see below the dates that we contacted Facebook:
11/18/15 at 6:59 AM
2/24/16 at 9:21 PM
3/13/16 at 10:35 AM
6/22/16 at 9:09 PM
06/28/2016 at 15:18
6/30/16 at 7:16 AM
7/15/16 at 1:46 PM
In every response we have provided the documents that Facebook team requested. Unfortunately they have not taken them seriously, instead, again and again they asked for the same information.

While we provided Facebook all the necessary documents as before , but we still have not received their reply to our e-mail of 15/07/2016 . It is clear for us that Facebook have ignored our request and failed to satisfied us as to why they do not want to open our accounts. Facebook’s attitude is clearly very hostile to anarchism and anarchist movement that we are a part of it. We, therefore , have no choice but protesting against their discrimination and prejudice attitude towards us and towards our pages that we listed down: closed at 15. Nov. 2015 closed at 15. Nov. 2015 closed at 15. Nov. 2015 closed at 15. Nov. 2015 closed at 14. Oct. 2016 closed at 14. Oct. 2016 closed at 14. Oct. 2016

We are sure while Facebook monitoring our pages they are also aware of our messages as they are against repression, wars, terrorism, racism, sexism, nationalism, discrimination, abusing children and women, corruption, coercive and many more. We are fighting for achieving : freedom, equality, social justice, living collectively, solidarity and classless society.

Dear Supporter our accounts are still closed, therefore we ask you to sign our petition as a form of protest against Facebook team’s discrimination . Please forward this petition to anybody you know for signing it , in order to force the Facebook to open our pages as above.

With solidarity
Kurdish-speaking Anarchist Forum

Why is this important?

For security reasons, your account is temporarily locked
If this account reflects your real name and personal information, please help us verify it.


Reasons for signing

  • Facebook, stop being a holes for once, give this group a break.
  • Смотрел новый фильм <a href=>Латинский любовник</a> посмотрите не пожалеете
  • its my mother tongue.