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Label GMO's

This is a petition to protect the civil rights of those religiously opposed to unknowingly consuming GMO foods, drugs, or vaccines by requiring full labeling disclosure of such products.

Why is this important?

Some people do not want to consume, use as drugs, or be injected with GMO's and while the FDA has stated that it is not up to citizens to decide what foods and drugs are safe, it is the FDA's job to regulate these things. The bill of rights ensure freedom of religion for all in the United States and GMO's are against certain religious doctrines. There are scriptures mentioned in the Christian bible and Hindu texts as well warning against mixing the blood of humans with animals and other related issues. Since GMO's often use animal, bacterial, and viral DNA from animals, people who want to follow these texts should have a religious right to know what is in their food, drugs, and vaccines. Please label all GMO's including what type (animal, viral and from what animal, bacterial and from what animal) of DNA and/or genes that have been added, removed, promoted, inhibited, moved, rearranged, replicated, changed in any way, or corrupted so that people can follow their doctrine freely without inhibiting the rights of corporations to sell these products.


Reasons for signing

  • what good is healthcare if we are going to allow companies to poison us and feed us foods that cause disease.
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  • All food MUST be labeled so we know if we are being poisoned...