To: Land O'Lakes

Land O'Lakes: Stop Torturing Baby Cows!

Demand that Land O’Lakes cut ties with animal-abusing farms and reunite baby Roselynn with her mother.

Why is this important?

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) recently investigated Zonneveld Farm, a member of the Land O’Lakes dairy cooperative. According to Land O’Lakes, 100% of their farms are compliant with the minimal animal welfare conditions set by the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program. Despite this claim, investigators found hundreds of baby cows, some as young as one-day old, in small individual crates without their mothers and with no bedding, comfort, or enrichment. Many of the babies were sick, covered in diarrhea, sores, and even maggots.

This is not the first investigation of a Land O’Lakes farm to reveal animals cruelty, indicating this is a widespread problem in the industry. Dairy farming almost always involves forced impregnation and separation of mother and baby, who cry and bellow for each other.

During the course of the investigation, DxE investigators rescued a sick baby calf from a crate and named her Roselynn. While Roselynn recovered with 24 hour care, she is still without her mother. Sign the petition and ask Land O’Lakes to release Roselynn’s mother to a sanctuary so they can be together again.

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