To: Larry Summers, Former US Treasury Secretary and Director of National Economic Council

Larry: Wasn't Killing The US Economy Once Enough? Let Someone Else Try.

We have a simple question: Isn't killing the U.S. economy once more than enough? Shepherding through the effective repeal of Glass-Steagall led to more economic hardship than most policymakers could ever dream of. Isn't it time to let another plutocrat take a turn at the wheel?

Why is this important?

Larry Summers is being considered for Federal Reserve Chair, the single most important economic position in the country, which requires a quick review:

When Larry Summers was Treasury Secretary, he was the foremost advocate of effectively repealing Glass-Steagall and passing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which led directly to the financial crash of 2008, nearly toppled the global economy and wreaked havoc at home. He then went on to a career of mismanaging Harvard so badly while behaving in such an openly sexist manner that he was forced out, before rejoining the White House Economic Council just in time to support a bailout for banks but not for homeowners.

Our question for Larry as he considers taking the gig: Isn't killing the US economy once more than enough?