To: Dorsey Hopson, Superintendent, Shelby County Schools

Later Start Times for High Schoolers

There is overwhelming data showing teens need more sleep. When high schools start at 7:00 AM many students are not fully prepared to start their day.

Why is this important?

My son attends Central High School and getting up at 6:00 is quite difficult. He has trouble going to sleep earlier. Check out this recent New York Times article:


Reasons for signing

  • I taught at high school in SC for 5 years. The school started at 8:30am. In memphis, some schools starts at 7:15am. They will not have breakfast and still sleepy. They stay up late for study or come home late after sports clubs. Also for parents to take them, it's too early. Breakfast is the most important.
  • I’m just going to keep filling this out. I have a rising 9th graded. 7:15 start is killing our whole family. She is already having panic attacks this year. Save our students. Even the AAP agrees school starts way too early.
  • When the CDC recommends certain vaccines, we give them to our children. The CDC recommends later school times!