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To: Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI-1)

LaVena Johnson

LaVena Johnson was a soldier who enlisted in the Army in 2003, and the first Missouri woman to die in Iraq. She was found in her tent with a gunshot wound to the head, a broken nose, a black eye, loose teeth, acid burns on her genitals, and a trail of blood leading away from her tent. Her death was ruled as suicide, but it was rape and murder. Her spirit deserves honor and justice!

Why is this important?

The Army has yet to rule her death murder-rape, so her memory and honor are tainted as a suicide. This was not a suicide and the military is covering it up, because they do not want to own up to their error! Help put pressure on our elected officials to force the army to do the right thing. Please sign this petition and learn more here ~
This petition needs 100,000 signatures and will be submitted to Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), the chair of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, which has direct authority and oversight over all military matters on behalf of the people of the United States.



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