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legalize marijuana

To legalize marijuana there is a way we can do this we check a box on our federal taxes to pay a fee of $500.00 for the year to grow our own per house hold. Then the money people spend on it every month would go back into the economy which in return would create more jobs and by legalize it this way then our federal and locals can worry more about cokecaine, herion, and prescription pill. And we can do away with drug testing for marijuana it is the only drug our body soaks up the rest our body reject it.This will help with the prescription medical marijuana to in the end legalize it makes more sense then not to just take $ 500.00 times lord can see how many people would check that box. we then would be able to give free health care to all of american that can prove they are legal here.

Why is this important?

every year at tax time we should be able to pay a grow tax fee per house hold that would permit us to grow our own marijiana so the federal goverment would have let say we pay 250.00 out of our taxes every year to grow our own. Then the money people use to buy it will now be put back the money into the economy. selling is still illigal.