To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Legalize Medical Marijuana

As more and more state implement or consider the use of medical marijuana the federal government should legalize medical marijauan use and assure all state of no future legal action

Why is this important?

Legalize medical marijuana so as to allow those states who wish to may institute their own medical marijuana program.


Reasons for signing

  • Do us tax payers a favor and legalize already. Sick of having my tax dollar going to waste by arresting people for possession weed. It's harmless and always will be, use our tax dollar and hunt down the real criminals that are raping people, shooting up herion, dealing cocaine, smoking meth, even better use that tax dollar and put it into education. Wasting it on people for possessing a harmless plant.
  • It was illegitimately made a Class 1 Drug to start with; it is time it was removed from that list!