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MoveOn believes the public should follow the CDC's mask and vaccine guidance, including in schools, workplaces, and health care settings to protect public health and the economy.


LET IDAHO SALONS RE-OPEN- soft open immediate

Servicing one client at a time (while wearing a mask and gloves) poses little to no risk of spreading the virus , as compared to 200 or more people in a grocery store or 10 plus people at restaurants picking up food. Citizens need salons. Operators/Owners need their income. 7 weeks is too long Allow salons to open with one at a time clients per beautician. No inside waiting room. Sanitized work stations between clients. No friends with clients. Just the client and the beautician. Multiple chairs? Well social distancing would be followed per salon.

Why is this important?

The survival of independent beauty professionals is at risk. Most beauty professionals are sole proprietors. Not to mention most of the banks that are filing SBA loans are still waiting for guidance from the Federal Government, so we are placed at the bottom of the list when it comes to even APPLYING for these loans.



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