To: Governor Gary R. Herbert


I support Judge Shelby's ruling. Utah's ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Governor Herbert, let his ruling stand.

Why is this important?

In 2004, Utahns passed by ballot measure an amendment to the state constitution that bans same sex marriage. On December 20, 2013, a federal judge in Utah declared that ban to be unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment. But Utah Governor Gary Herbert has directed the Utah Attorney General's office to appeal that decision. In addition, the conservative Sutherland Institute has started an online petition asking people to "support the critical importance of traditional marriage to the health and success of our society."

Seventeen states have already decided, by court order or citizen ballots, to allow equal rights to the LGBT community, including the right to marry. Please help us show the Governor and the Sutherland Institute that they are simply out of touch with reality and that the majority of Utahans think we should embrace the 21st century and allow equal rights to everyone. Please sign OUR petition that is aligned with our Constitutional rights.