To: The Massachusetts State Senate

Let's keep Massachusetts healthcare moving forward with a public option!

Support "An Act Establishing a Public Health Insurance Option" (S.514) to create a public health insurance plan. This public option would compete with private insurance plans in order to give consumers more choices, increase competition and encourage insurance companies to cooperate, share information, and reduce costs.

Why is this important?

In Massachusetts, three insurance companies have a combined market share of nearly 70% of the health insurance market. Having a meaningful number of options available to Massachusetts families is a necessary component of a health care system that can control costs. Having a public option would give Massachusetts families more choices.

In addition, a public plan could operate without excessive administrative and marketing costs, high executive salaries or a need to generate profits. As a result, a public option could provide a good deal for consumers and keep pressure on private insurers to keep their policies affordable and treat their customers well by acting as a benchmark for affordability and quality of care.

As proud as I am of the progress we've made in Massachusetts on health care, we still have a ways to go. Establishing a public option is one more step we can take to make sure that every resident has access to the best possible health care in the Commonwealth.