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To: Jackson County Students

Lifting the Dress Code Policy

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash
First and foremost, the Marianna High School dress code is unnecessary. I know the reason for strict dress code is so we can keep everyone uniform and it supposedly helps with bullying. Kids will find anything to pick at you about, it doesn’t matter what it is, take it from a student who sees stuff like this happen everyday, no one knows and hears better than a student in public school. Secondly, I don’t want to have literally no dress code, because there should be limits, but having a dress code like this really affects the student body. I know my day is affected by having to wear polos, for one, they are ugly, for two, they are thick and hot, lastly, they are stiff and uncomfortable, along with many more reasons. All that I ask is that we are able to wear regular shirts to school, no polo, no button-down, no school shirt as an exception, a regular shirt, black, white, purple, gold, and grey. I think the overall mood of the school would change, because honestly if you keep dress code, there’s always going to be people violating, and getting written up and sent to ISS or ACE which not only makes the student look defiant, it also makes the admin and the school look lousy. The more you restrict teenagers, the more they will want to rebel. Lift the dress code, even slightly, and I can almost guarantee that the amount of write ups will be reduced.

Why is this important?

It’s important to listen to how we feel even though we are just kids, it affects our daily lives and our overall mood. I hear students talking about it every minute of everyday.



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