To: The Ohio State House, The Ohio State Senate, and Governor Mike DeWine

List all MSG additives on labels

The FDA needs to mandate the MSG and glutamate containing ingredients are labeled on all food products. MSG is harmful to many people and is being hidden in many food products, especially those targeted to children.

Why is this important?

MSG is a additive found in many processed foods. A large percentage of the population is allergic or sensitive to it. It aggitates numerous health conditions. Some reactions are severe. The companies who manufacturer MSG have created mulitple names for it. Leaving many unaware consumers ingesting it even though they shouldn't.

"In 1993, FDA proposed adding the phrase '(contains glutamate)' to the common or usual names of certain protein hydrolysates that contain substantial amounts of glutamate. For example, if the proposal were adopted, hydrolyzed soy protein would have to be declared on food labels as 'hydrolyzed soy protein (contains glutamate).'" ...

Unfortunately, for those with asthma, migraine, and atrial fibrillation, MSG as free glutamate remains a hidden food ingredient. This FDA labeling proposal was killed by a powerful food lobby.

Please help me get this changed!