To: Logan Green and John Zimmer

LYFT: Offer Female Driver Option for Passengers!

Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber need to offer passengers the option to request a female driver for enhanced personal safety.

Why is this important?

My dear friend narrowly escaped an assault attempt made by a Berkeley Lyft driver early yesterday morning. As a woman and a person who drives for Lyft, I am hyper aware of the interest and necessity for passengers to be able to request a ride from a female driver. This feature would allow women, children, queer/trans folk, and any one who feels vulnerable to minimize the risk of experiencing violence, which statistics show is significantly more likely to be perpetrated by men.


Reasons for signing

  • Because statistically speaking women aren’t out there raping and killing people.
  • Because sexual assault is happening and no one can’t do anything about it
  • Because everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own safety zone

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