To: Richard Hite, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief, Greg Ballard, Mayor, Terry Curry, Indianapolis Marion County Prosecutor, Maggie Lewis, President City County Council, and Frank P. Lloyd Jr., Marion County Coroner

Mack Long Police Killing Investigation Demands Transparency

Baltimore, Tulsa, Fergueson, New York all have released the videos of the killing of citizens by cops. Now it is time for Indianapolis to add its name to that growing list. Transparency is the verification of honesty. Secrecy is the opportunity to hide dishonesty. Release the videos of the cop killing of Mack Long NOW!

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition now!! Your signature can make a difference. Chief Hite has publicly stated there will be transparency concerning the justice system's handling of the Mack Long killing. Transparency means :

1. The police report will be completed and released to the public. IMPD's literature says it takes at the most 7 days to release the report. We are now more than a month after Mack's killing. How can this delay be interpreted as transparent?

2. Release the videos. If IMPD has nothing to hide then release the videos so the people can see what the cameras saw.

3. Instead of putting evidence out in secrecy have a public coroner inquest instead of a grand jury.


Reasons for signing

  • We need transparency. If the officers are guilty of excessive use of force, they need to be brought to justice.
  • Do what is right, Indiana!
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