To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Make 'America the Beautiful' Our National Anthem

It is important to remember hopes and dreams of Americans past, present and those of the future. It is with this concern that "America the Beautiful" be nominated to become our national anthem in place of the "Star Spangled Banner".

Why is this important?

Main issue: The 'Star Spangled Banner', while stirring, is primarily directed towards a symbol of our nation as opposed to the substance of America and it's dreams. As well:
1) America the Beautiful is easier to sing for most people, and is much more melodic and poetic.
2) In a time of terrible fighting with more dangerous weaponry, think it is time to stop singing lustily of "bombs bursting in air" and consider "Oh beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years..."

On the day of 9/11, I was teaching music and asked my students to sing some of the songs of the US; we did not have a piano to accompany us, but the students sang quietly and reverently several of our patriotic songs. I thought then, as I think now, that our nation needed a better anthem than one which is primarily associated with football games.