To: Governor Charlie Baker

Make Complainants Attest in their Complaints against MA licensed Physicians!

Many people and physicians do not realize that anyone can make a complaint against a licensed Physician in the Commonwealth WITHOUT having to attest to the validity of their complaint! Every other Professional licensing board in Massachusetts, down to a Nail technician, requires a sworn attestation with their complaint.
While the MA Medical Board exists to discipline unethical/substandard care provided by some if it's physicians and protect their unfortunate patients, they should require Complainants attest to re statements made against doctors before deciding to take action(s) against them while attacking a doctor's life and his/her livelihood. Let's at least bring the complaint process against a doctor on par with that of a nail technician, barber, water operator, plumber, etc!

Why is this important?

Because I have been victimized by my medical licensing board on behalf of a lying criminal (former patient) who filed a knowingly false complaint to the MA BORIM, and they wrongly launched a year(+) long investigation against me even though I have obtained a Harassment Prevention Order (Restraining order for the unrelated) against the Complainant for her ongoing harassment against me! Despite the BORIM knowing her complaint against me was baseless and fraught with fraud and the fact that I have said restraining order against the Complainant, they continue to persecute me because one of the services I provide at MD Medical Spa and Wellness Center is medical marijuana certifications.
I am being victimized on behalf
of a criminal and blocked to earn a living by my medical licensing board, all because they refuse to have Complainants attest and sign to thee validity of their complaint and the contents within!
Please sign, a statement of attest should be required for complaints made against ALL professionals in MA!!


Reasons for signing

  • This is very unfair. Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts. Dr. Downey should be allowed to continue her practice and help her patients who need her. You are not only ruining her livelihood but you are causing hundreds of patients, including myself, to have to find another doctor and pay huge amounts of money to the new doctor. This is so wrong and unfair to everyone.
  • Dr. Downey is the most compassionate and helpful doctor I've ever seen.
  • This is common sense. There must be accountability and here is why: Allowing anonymity enables a breading ground for lies; and these types of situations are where the truth is of utmost importance. Make the change.