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To: City of Davis Mayor and City Council

Make Davis Gas Blowers Leave

Make Davis Gas Blowers Leave

Concerned Davis Citizens call for a ban of the operation or retail sale of gas powered leaf blowers beginning on January 1st of 2022.
The reason for the ban of gas powered leaf blowers is due to safety concerns that they emit exceedingly high rates of pollutants, including carbon monoxide. Chemical pollutants that the two or four stroke engines emit can contribute to smog formation and acid rain.
Gas powered leaf blowers generate noise at a decibel level that can cause hearing loss in a short amount of time. And can send dust and other small particles into the air for considerable distances including animal feces, trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead, and allergens such as pollen and mold.
The bill would ban the use or retail sale of any leaf blower equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine that uses either gasoline, or a gasoline and oil blend as fuel.
If the bill were to become law a person who violates the amendatory act’s provisions could be fined a civil penalty of up to $500.

Why is this important?

We live in a progressive city and care about others. The noise and air pollution created by blowers outweighs benefit. They have already been outlawed in 30 California Cities, including Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Tiburon, and Santa Cruz, due to the nuisance they create. Washington DC recently outlawed them as well.


Reasons for signing

  • Extreme and constant noise. All unhealthy partials being reintroduced into the air, animal waist, fertilizers, pollen, carbon, on and on. Entering our bodies through our lungs and eyes.
  • Unnecessary pollution, there is an amazing tool called a RAKE!
  • Gas blowers are incredibly inconsiderate. The entire purpose of these devices is to push leaves from one person's lawn to either the streets or to someone else's lawn- while being incredibly loud and obnoxious. I can't have my windows open while I'm working because they are constantly running these things. Furthermore, no Davisite has enough land to justify these things. Please, get rid of them once and for all!


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