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To: Mayor. Ed Gainey

Make Fourth Ave DEAVRY AVE 💙💚❤️

Hi I’m DeaShea Green mother of DeAvry Amir Thomas who was killed in a drive by shooting May 29,2022 in the downtown area of Pittsburgh at approximately 2:45 P.M. in the afternoon. I’ve been on this this thing on getting this street named after him cause of the tragic incident, the pain and hurt it caused me and I would honestly feel better if my son had a bigger remembrance because he was only 1 he had a full life a head of him and when everybody search his name I want them to know the city is with me and was with him. Thank you 

Why is this important?

It’ll make a difference in people viewing of the important people in the city of Pittsburgh. It’s already known people feel they forget after a while let’s just let them know yall be busy but yall still hear out cries for help

How it will be delivered

In person.



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