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To: The Michigan State House and The Michigan State Senate

Make it easier to vote in Michigan, not harder

Reforms passed via ballot initiative.

The Michigan Legislature is considering a bill (SB 13) that would remove straight ticket voting, making it so there will be much longer lines at polling places on major elections. Tell your legislators now to vote against SB 13 and stop disenfranchising Michigan voters.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: The Legislature passed Senate Bill 13 late at night on December 16th, and it is on its way to Governor Snyder. Tell Gov. Snyder to veto it today:

This idea has been proposed before in Michigan and rejected by a vote of the people. This time, they've added an appropriation so it can't be overturned at the ballot box.

The bill has passed the Senate and the House, but the versions are slightly different so this is not yet done. Please take a moment to let your legislator know that you are watching, and want them to work on solutions that will help people to vote (such as no reason absentee, early voting, same day registration), NOT disenfranchise Michigan voters.

More about the bill:



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