To: The Maine State House, The Maine State Senate, and Governor Janet Mills

Make the Tax Code Fair and Protect MaineCare

Seventy-three percent of Americans want the wealthiest 1% to pay their fair share of taxes. I am one of them. Please restore fairness to the Maine tax code rather than throwing 65,000 low-income and disabled people off MaineCare and putting 4,400 healthcare workers out of work. We can balance our state budget if Maine’s wealthiest 1% pay the same state and local tax rate as the rest of us.

Why is this important?

It makes no sense to dole out massive new tax cuts to the wealthy while stripping low-income and disabled Mainers of needed healthcare services and consequently putting 4,400 healthcare providers out of work. At no time since the Great Depression have America’s wealthy elite enjoyed a lower tax rate then they do right now. Tell your legislators and Governor LePage you want the wealthiest 1% to pay their fair share.