To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Make Trump Pay for $3 Billion Loss

Donald Trump said he was "proud to shut down the government" but the Congressional Budget Office reports that Trump's 35-day shutdown left the US Treasury with an "unrecoverable" loss of $3 billion. Ask Congress to enact legislation calling for Trump, a self-styled-billionaire, to reimburse the Treasury in full for the $3 billion loss.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump claimed he was "proud" to "take the mantle " for setting down the government. This unprecedented, authoritarian act caused crushing economic chaos -- especially for 800,000 federal workers. Since Trump has claimed "ownership" of the shutdown, he should be held liable for the consequences, including reimbursement of the $3 billion in "unrecoverable losses" he inflicted on the country. This could become a precedent to prevent any future presidential actions that would result in clearly predictable economic damage to the nation.


Reasons for signing

  • Trump showed his incompetance in running the government and making deals when he shut down the government over something he was offered previously.
  • Please be sure our voices are heard on this outrageous act by Mr. Trump

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