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To: Texas Agriculture Board needs to take action to implement State laws that mandate the spaying and/or neutering of domesticated animals (dogs/cats).

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law

Texas rescues have come to a point that all shelters, rescues, and fosters are maxed out and animals are being euthanized. There are rescues that are quitting due to the demands on them. We need help now to get the overpopulation of dogs and cats under control. Even the out of state rescues that we transport to (I, alone transport 50-60 dogs a week) are becoming overburdened.
If there were laws for mandatory spay/nesters the population of Texas dogs and cats would go down. This law MUST also be enforced at all local levels to be effective.

Why is this important?

My rescue folks out there that are drowning trying to keep up with the overpopulation of dogs and cats, this is how we start the change. Please join me in this petition to the Texas State Agriculture Board to implement mandatory spay/neuter laws for the state and for ALL local animal control or law enforcement agencies to enforce this law.



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