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To: Cyrus R. Vance, District Attorney, New York County, NY

Manhattan DA: Drop Assault Charges Against Glenn Broadnax

Glenn Broadnax has been charged with assault after police officers shot two bystanders while trying to shoot him. We urge the Manhattan District Attorney's Office to drop this charge.

Why is this important?

Glenn Broadnax, suffering from anxiety and depression, walked into traffic near Times Square on September 14, 2013. When police attempted to remove him from the street, Mr. Broadnax reached into his pocket for his wallet. The police officers reacted by pulling their weapons and shooting at Mr. Broadnax. They missed, hitting two nearby pedestrians. Mr. Broadnax was initially charged with three misdemeanors, but prosecutors have convinced the grand jury to indict him for the assault of the two bystanders. The district attorney's office reasons that "[T]he defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders." At least one of the shooting victims has spoken out against this charge through her attorney.

When police use deadly force in crowded areas without a clear and present danger, a tragedy has occurred. When the state places the blame for that tragedy on an unarmed, emotionally disturbed individual, the tragedy is compounded by injustice.

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Reasons for signing

  • This not what this man deserves, the cops who shot at him deserve this sentence
  • We must've stepped into the twilight zone where we are in a live action role play of Idiocracy.
  • Did we somehow switch to a parody of the united states when I wasn't paying attention? Because this seems like something you'd see in the onion.


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