To: Bradford County Regional Arts Council

Marge Ross: Face of the Sayre Theater

We, the citizens of Bradford County and surrounding communities petition the Bradford County Regional Arts Council to reinstate Marge Ross as the Sayre Theater Manger. If Marge does not desire this action to take place, we request she be honored by BCRAC for the work she has done over the past twenty years at the Sayre Theater.

Why is this important?

Marge Ross has been the driving force behind the success of the Sayre Theater for the past twenty years. This small town theater has become profitable even with the larger theaters available within a driving distance from the Valley. Marge has organized multiple events, and been the face of the theater. She helped bring in the crowds to events such as the Midnight premieres. She was a major part of the planning for the current Sayre Theater Centennial celebration, yet she is no longer a involved with them for reasons that are unknown to the local community.

We demand that the Bradford County Regional Arts Council either fully reinstate Marge Ross to her former position if she desires, or give her the honor and major thank you she deserves if she chooses to step down.