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To: Joseph Ganim, Mayor of Bridgeport, Diana Wentzell, CT Commissioner of Education, Fran Robanowitz, Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, Dennis Bradley, Chairman of the BOE BOARD, The Connecticut State Senate, and Governor Ned Lamont



Why is this important?

MARIA PEREIRA MUST GO was created by myself, with the support of Bridgeport Public Schools Parent and Community Leaders because of MARIA PEREIRA continuous belligerent behavior directed towards collegeaues, PARENTS, BOE member's and ANYONE not in agreement with her bullying tactics

She is in violation of the Robert rules of laws in her disruptive behaviors that consists of shouting, name calling, intimidation and unprofessional language.

Her HISTORY of violence, criminal record and threats of lawsuits towards the Mayor and ANYONE that doesn't AGREE with her has the 21000 CHILDREN of Bridgeport held hostage.

Her history of voting to endanger the welfare of Bridgeport Students and Community makes her unfit to be a BOE member any longer.
She has voted to remove imperative staffing, paraprofessional from overcrowded classrooms, school police SRO.
She voted to have children walk as young as kindergarten outside of the STATE of CT Guidelines.
Her inability to work civilly with the current BOE members has caused a BOYCOTTING.
NO OTHER OPTIONS are Warranted!
We the PARENTS and Children of Bridgeport Public Schools want HER RESIGNATION!


Reasons for signing

  • Displayed continuous unprofessional & insensitive behaviors
  • She is no longer suitable and those behaviors and other behaviors not spoken of merit her resignation.
  • Because Lillie Ennis signed


2020-07-07 22:36:06 -0400

1,000 signatures reached

2020-07-07 17:20:36 -0400

500 signatures reached

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