To: Cory McCray (MD-45)

Mary-Ann's Law: Mandatory Testing

Make Drug and Alcohol Testing mandatory for any vehicular accident that causes death.

Why is this important?

1 year ago, almost to the day, we lost someone very dear to us, because a driver ran a red light and plowed his truck into the car she and her sister were riding in. Mary-Ann died at the scene, but the officers did not do alcohol/drug testing. A six pack of beer, and marijuana were later found in his car, but by then it was the next day, and too late for testing. Please help to get these types of drivers off of our roads and make testing mandatory for Vehicular Homicide.


Reasons for signing

  • a gifted teacher, talented person who was proud of her culture. Gone too soon!!
  • Ms. Christopher was a culture bearer and a very proud one. We still miss this fine lady.
  • Rest in Peace!

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