To: The Maryland State House

MD House Bill 1038, Referred to Interim Session/Summer Study.

Dear Maryland Delegates

I am one of your constituents and I am very concerned about Maryland Electric Utilities plan to replace all our analog electricity meters with ‘smart meters’.

We are told that these meters are supposed to help us manage our electricity usage and save both money and energy.

While I am certainly in favor of both of those goals and have been practicing that approach regarding my overall energy consumption in my home, studies have proven that these meters will not save either energy or money. but they will fill our homes with dangerous radiation and put all of our homes in jeopardy of catching on fire.
In addition, they will constitute a serious invasion of our privacy.

Some of the most intimate details of our lives will be on display for anyone working for my utility, anyone working for the contractor who prepares our utility bills and anyone hacking into the system.

An OPT-OUT with No fees has been introduced by Delegate Glen Glass and I urge you to co-sponsor or at least support the passage of this legislation.


Why is this important?

The Bill pertains to establishing a NO FEE PERMANENT opt OUT , from the Smart Meter/Grid Program being rolled out by the Maryland Electric Utilities BGE, PEPCO & Delmarva