To: James Taylor, Mayor, John Higdon, Town Commissioner, Chris Melton, Town Commissioner, Jeff Miller, Town Commissioner, John Urban, Town Commissioner, and John Ross, Town Commissioner

Matthews Commissioners: Stop Petition 2017-663

Support the families of Oakhaven Mobile Home Park. Vote NO on Zoning Petition 2017-663. Vote YES for FAMILIES. Vote YES for HOUSING JUSTICE.

Why is this important?


The Matthews Board of Commissioners is considering a zoning petition submitted by Matthews Ventures LLC, together with the consulting firm Moore & Van Allen. If approved, the area will be rezoned to allow apartment complexes to be built on the property where we currently live.

In order to build these apartments, our families will have to move our homes, so that the land can be developed for these apartments. Many of our homes are too old to move. We would have to leave them behind, losing all we have invested in them. The rest of us would have to pay thousands of dollars that we don't have to move the homes that can be moved.

We are hardworking families that moved to this area, because it is affordable and most importantly the good schools for our children. This is a nice tranquil area to raise our families.

Help us stop the gentrification of the area where we live. #SaveOurHomes #SaveOakhaven
La Junta de Comisionados de Matthews está considerando una petición de zonificación sometida por la compañía Matthews Ventures LLC, junta con la firma de consulta Moore & Van Allen. Si aprobada, las reglas de zonificación de la area donde vivimos serán cambiadas para permitir que se construyan complejos de apartamentos en la propiedad donde actualmente vivimos.

Para poder construir estos apartamentos, nuestras familias tendrían que mover nuestros hogares. Muchas de estas casas son demasiado viejas para mover. Tendríamos que dejarlas, perdiendo todo lo que hemos invertido en ellas. Los que sobramos tendríamos que pagar miles de dólares que no tenemos para mover las casas que si se pueden mover.

Somos familias trabajadoras, las cuales nos mudamos a la area porque es económica y mas importante por las buenas escuelas para nuestros hijos. Es una zona tranquila para criar a nuestras familias.

Ayúdennos parar el aburguesamiento de la area donde vivimos. #SalvenNuestrasCasas #SalvenOakhaven


Reasons for signing

  • Pets should NEVER be banned or told they can't stay with their owner in their home only because of what they were born as. Each one is different and even the smallest dogs have been know to be vicious and attack people and small children. Don't ever judge a book by its cover because it will always come back and bite you in the ass. I promise you, you would rather have that pit bull living in your area instead of some of the smaller ore aggressive dogs. I know it sounds dumb, but it's also tru...
  • How'd you feel to loose your home? To get kicked out of the only place you can call a home?, Doesn't feel good huh? These people bought mobile homes and someone is deciding to kick them out of their homes . Mind you they bought these homes before this person got the land .. Put yourself in their shoes... Think if you were living in there and somebody buys the land and starts kicking everybody out because they want to build something else. You'd be mad too because they are taking you away from...
  • MHAction is a national organization of manufactured homeowners, please reach out if there is anything we can do to support Oakhaven.

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