To: Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City and New York City Council

Mayor Bill De Blasio: Save the horse drawn carriage rides in New York City

Stop your attack on the horse drawn carriage rides. Preserve the horses, the livery and the carriage rides, a beloved part of New York City.

Why is this important?

Let the carriage horses be! As a professional animal trainer and manager, I know that my animals love the work we do together, and they love their fans and the carriage horses do too! Both carriage and police horses are beloved and cared for and are an important part of New York - AND SHOULD REMAIN SO. Don't sell out the stables for commercial development. Instead, give them turnout privileges in Sheep's Meadow, Central Park and one day of rest a week to enjoy it!


Reasons for signing

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  • Please please please help these horses who need a voice
  • out of state family loves to visit ny with us,,wont be visiting any more till de blasio is gone and horses are back//what a joke for a fanily and me will spend the money in ac since there are no horse and buggy rides in ny