To: Ed Lee, Mayor

San Francisco: Process Your Unprocessed Rape Kits AND Earmark Yearly Funding for the Crime of Rape

We are asking San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to allocate and prioritize city funding so that the SFPD can immediately process their several thousands of unprocessed rape kits.

The SFPD has let the statute of limitations pass on all but 753 of these several thousands of rape kits. Only processing 753 kits, while it is a start, still has created a public safety crisis by allowing these thousands of other criminals to potentially keep raping other victims. ALL several thousand rape kits need to be processed immediately.

We are also asking that SF Mayor Ed Lee pass a law that requires that every kit, regardless of whether it is a stranger or known offender, be taken NOT into the SFPD's property rooms or storage facilities but to the SFPD's crime lab to be immediately processed within 7 days.

We are also asking that SF Mayor Ed Lee earmark yearly funding so that SFPD personnel are trained how to professionally deal with rape victims. In Heather Marlowe's case she was told that her rape, "was not a good enough rape." This treatment of victims is degrading, unprofessional, and unacceptable moving forward.

Why is this important?

I was drugged and raped in 2010, and called and waited and called and waited for my rape kit to be tested for 2.5 years. I was told my rape kit would be processed within 14 days. This is unacceptable. SFPD needs to process all of their thousands of backlogged rape kits. It is a hazard to public safety as these criminals continue to freely roam our city streets, potential raping other victims.
Furthermore, I was very disrespected and degraded by the SFPD in how they treated me from the moment of my rape up until now.


Reasons for signing

  • we cannot sit there longer for this. rape has to be illegal in this world. rape is violence not love. almost 99% of rape victims are female. rape is a public health crisis like sexually transmitted disease. justice for rape victims not criminals.
  • Too many victims are waiting for their justice. We shouldn't have to wait any longer.
  • The SFPD should be held accountable for collecting evidence and accurate report writing. The SFDA should be held accountable for prosecuting rape. The SFPD & SFDA make the process of reporting rape adversarial for the victim. When you combine that with their joint failure/refusal to investigate and prosecute rape, how can the actions (or lack thereof) of these two agencies be viewed as anything but a form of violent oppression and a violation of basic human rights? In the words of one San Fr...

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