To: Michael Nutter

Mayor Nutter: Throw the Taney Dragons a Championship Parade

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Philadelphia should hold a victory parade, win or lose this weekend for its Little League World Series contender the Taney Dragons.

Why is this important?

This summer, a team of kids has shown what great things can be accomplished with heart and hard work. When the Taney Dragons come home from the Little League World Series, Philadelphia should give them the championship parade they deserve.

It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, but these kids, their parents, and their coaches have done our city proud, going further in this championship than any Philadelphia team ever has. The Taney Dragons have broken records: the first Philadelphia team to win a state Little League championship, and the first to become regional Mid-Atlantic champions. They're exciting national and international baseball fans with their incredible talent and teamwork, inspiring a new generation of Philly kids to believe they can accomplish great things, and reminding us all of Philly's fighting spirit. They feature a groundbreaking female pitcher who is one of the best of any gender. They are racially diverse, and many of them attend Philly's public schools. As their biggest fans - their parents - like to say, "They're tough and gritty, those kids from the city!"

We know the Taney Dragons didn't make it all the way, but they're already true champions, and Philly should throw them a championship celebration.