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Mayors & County Supervisors in SF East Bay: It is time to trend towards 100% Renewable Power!

With the success of both Marin county setting up a CCA (Community Choice Aggregate Energy) in 2010 and Sonoma county setting one up in 2014, we ask that the same be done for our two counties of Alameda and Contra Costa county here in the SF Bay Area.

It would be our contribution to moving the renewables market forward, growing the clean energy economy while showing leadership for the rest of the US and the world.

Why is this important?

WITH COP21 taking place shortly (this update is Nov 19, 2015, basically 10 days ahead of this monumental environmental event in Paris, bringing all world leaders to take their boldest actions on ensuring we have a livable planet)...

WE NOW FEATURE A NEW PETITION-WITHIN-A-PETITION, going specifically to all mayors and their city councils in the East Bay, who have NOT signed on to a CCA.

Here is the petition:

With congressional gridlock on our climate threat, it is becoming clear that cities, counties and states now have the power to take significant action that is tremendously effective. It is clearly time to accelerate the country's 100% renewable agenda, now that the global mark of 400 parts per million of atmospheric carbon has been reached. With blueprints now published by Jacobson et al. for all 50 states to go 100% renewable, now is the time for action. See for details.
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Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Energy is a local energy solution that allows for the rapid switch to clean power sources. Besides Marin and Sonoma counties, other California cities and counties are investigating CCA for their communities: Monterey Bay region, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and the cities of San Luis Obispo and San Diego, and others, now including Lancaster CA. Nearly 1,000 communities in five other states legislated for these CCAs have chosen Community Choice Aggregated Energy. See for more details. To see what a CCA looks like in Marin county, see

Here is the link to an introductory study on how feasible this is for the East Bay:

The white paper indicates there is available capacity within the boundaries of these two counties to build solar and small wind farms on industrial wasteland, meaning little if no renewable energy would need to be imported, that it could all be locally provided - an ideal situation.


A CCA will not raise taxes. It will work in partnership with PG&E, reducing the cost of energy, as proven in Marin county, and the other states that have them.

in Alameda county, in June 2014, all 5 Alameda county supervisors voted 5-0, to approve $1.3 ML towards a feasibility study to create a CCA in the county.

CCA legislation is in process in Hawaii and Utah, also Delaware and Minnesota. New York is now the 7th state with CCA legislation.

In late July 2014, we learned about a new small wind company called PRIMO Wind, based in San Diego CA, that has created a non-turbine style fixture for accessing wind, that is silent, doesn't kill birds and can be applied to buildings or designed into small wind farms. Its footprint is smaller than solar, and is more cost-effective. See and this 2-minute video -

PLEASE NOTE, those signing: we want to ensure signatures represent where you live. Mayors want to know who their constituents are. By signing, you are asking your elected officials to give setting up a CCA, a good look.

EXCEPTIONS of cities not involved: The city of Alameda has its own utility and is already over 80% renewable. The city of Richmond has already joined MCE, along with El Cerrito and San Pablo.


Reasons for signing

  • Save the planet!!!
  • Save the planet!!!
  • As Marin, Richmond, & Sonoma prove: CCA expands consumer choice; advances sustainable development; restrains increasing energy rates; and localizes public decision-making. Andale pues!

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