To: Steve Easterbrook, CEO, McDonald's

McDonald's - Help Save Antibiotics

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I am concerned about the threat to public health caused by the widespread overuse of antibiotics on factory farms.

Please make a commitment to saving antibiotics by serving meat in which antibiotics are not routinely used on animals.

Why is this important?

According to the CDC, more than 2 million Americans get sick from antibiotic-resistant infections each year, and 23,000 people die. Yet, more than 70 percent of all antibiotics sold in the United States are used in livestock and poultry operations, which routinely mix huge quantities of antibiotics into the feed for healthy animals. This practice increases the likelihood that all kinds of bacteria will develop resistance to antibiotics, meaning our life-saving medicines won't work.

As one of the largest purchasers of meat in the world, McDonald’s has tremendous power to change the food market and put an end to this dangerous practice.


Reasons for signing

  • Please do this for our children, our children's children and all who come after. Thank you!
  • Please stop antibiotics & growth hormones in the food chain. At a minimum be transparent to allow informed choice.
  • I'm worried about antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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