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To: Suzanne Fortier, Principal, McGill University

McGill University: Please Expel Student Leader Igor Sadikov for Encouraging Violence, immediately!

We the undersigned call upon McGill University to immediately expel student leader Igor Sadikov for the incitement of violence.

Why is this important?

On Feb 6 a McGill student leader tweeted out "Punch a Zionist today." McGill University wrote on Feb. 10: "The University does not tolerate the expression of hatred or attempts to incite violence against any person or group. The Student Code of Conduct is quite clear in this matter. The University takes immediate action to investigate each and every possible violation of the code that we are aware of. Strict processes are followed, and students found in violation of the code are subject to penalties that can range from an admonishment to expulsion."
Here is an editorial that explains the situation in full: