To: Honorable Allan Kittleman, Executive, Howard County Maryland and Governor Larry Hogan

MD 32 Expansion: Get A Sound Barrier

The MD 32 Expansion plan between RT 108 and I-70 was developed without any plan whatsoever for sound mitigation to the existing homes along MD 32. The development will wipe out tree and vegetation buffers, increase the speed of vehicles, increase the volume of vehicles, and do nothing about the tractor trailer engine brakes being used. Sign this petition to tell the Maryland State Highway Administration and their supporters in the Howard County Government that the project should not move forward without a sound barrier as part of the plan.

Why is this important?

This project was stagnant awaiting funding for 16 years. Earlier in February of this year, Governor Hogan and County Executive Kittleman announced that not only were the two going to fund the project, but that it would start the following summer. 16 years earlier a sound study done revealed that the sound levels were too high for residents, yet in the plan put forth recently, there is no money, no plan, no concern whatsoever for sound mitigation for the residents along the highway. In a previous project to expand MD 216 to four lanes, sound mitigation was put in place from the very beginning; MD 216 carries on a daily average less traffic than MD 32. The State should not be allowed to proceed without a solid plan and requirement for sound mitigation.


Reasons for signing

  • To keep Howard county rural and nice like it is. A sound barrier is essential.
  • Based on your acoustic survey, our house is one of the houses that qualified for a barrier. We should not be penalized because the houses in Clarksville area are to far apart thus making a barrier too expensive for all to have. At a minimum the houses that are affected the most should have barriers!
  • They have already started clearing the area behind my home and the noise level is outrageous I can't even image how loud it will be with 4 lanes of traffic. We need a sound barrier desperately

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