To: President Donald Trump, The Montana State House, The Montana State Senate, Governor Steve Bullock, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Medical Marijuana

Stop the Federal Government from overstepping their bounds and turning admirable citizens into criminals.

Why is this important?

Montana Medical Marijuana laws were put into place in 2004, with an overwhelming majority vote. Over the past seven years, the caregiving industry has grown and many businesses had finally found themselves established. This past year, the Federal Government has vandalized these establishments and the materials therein, leaving the businesses unable to continue operation and on top of that, now numerous owners are being Federally indited. Families are going to be torn apart and good people put into prison, if we do not take a stand; President Obama himself announced that in regards to Medical Marijuana, State Law precedes Federal Law - time to speak up for our civil rights.


Reasons for signing

  • We want the Federal Government to quit wasting our tax dollars to prosecute innocent people who are good citizens!
  • Medical marijuana could help alot of very ill people. It is known to help people with glaucoma and it helps reduce the nausa and vomiting from chemotheraoy drugs. We just need t o legalize it, so we can help the sick that this drug could help. Please consider this when deciding the fate of these business owners that have loving families and have done nothing wrong.
  • Montana State should protect its citizens that are following their laws!