To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Medicare Advantage Plans: Medicare Privatization Scheme

Medicare Advantage Plans are a successful and insidious Republican scheme to privatize Medicare. Recently, the Obama administration increased subsidies to these private plans by 3.3% instead of decreasing them as proposed in the Affordable Care Act to make private insurers compete on an even playing field with standard Medicare. If you plan to receive Medicare as we know it, it is time to petition and write to the President, and Congress to stop the privatization of Medicare by eliminating Medicare Advantage Plan subsidies and level the playing field.

Why is this important?

Everyone who receives or hopes to receive Medicare as we know it had better sit up a listen. Medicare Advantage Plans are subsidized private plans designed to displace standard Medicare by offering gullible seniors perks paid for by standard Medicare recipients like myself and Medicare hopefuls. More than 25% of seniors have already opted out of standard Medicare for these subsidized plans.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop privatization of Medicare. Without Medicare run by the government millions if not billions of seniors and disabled people will die. Only wealthy people should not be able to receive Medicare, as they can afford to pay for private insurance and have not paid the fair portion of income taxes to pay for Medicare.
  • Privatization of SS and medicare and cutting medicaid is not acceptable and congress will pay for it next election if you try.
  • i agree!!!