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Medicare Coverage for Omni Pod insulin Pump

The complications of Diabetes are devastating and expensive! There is an insulin Pump by the Insulet Corporation in Bedford,Ma.
It's easy to use, it doesn't have all kinds of tubing that gets caught in clothing, it helps manage sugars so less time is spent in Emergency Rooms or Intensive Care Units!
It allows diabetics to lead a much more normal life and they don't have to keep explainig what the tubing is that is hanging down1

I personally use one and I have had diabetes since I was 18 mos old, I'm 62 now and have great control of my sugars! My blood sugar is controlled much better since I started using the
Omni Pod Insulin Pump!
I am followed at the Joslin Clinic in Boston and my Dr who is head of research also thinks this is an excellent pump!

Why is this important?

The Complications from high untreated blood sugars are very costly: Blindness,Kidney Failure,gangrene from an untreated cut or scratch that does not heal because of the high sugars,this can lead to amputation and long,expensive hospital stays!
Low blood sugars can lead to a person passing out, High sugars can lead to DKA (Diabetic Keto Acidosis) that usually requires inpatient treatment after a trip to the Emergency Room!!
The Omni Pod is a tubeless pump that is easy to use and allows one to manage their Blood Sugars much better!
This Petition is to have Congress l"LEAVE MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY ALONE!" and allow us the great benefits of the Omni Pod.
The Congress needs to change the wording on the Omni Pod to make it a durable item! They also need to change the Code numbers that they have assigned: Pod A 9274 and PDME 0784! to code numbers that make the Omni Pod a durable item!

This will be a lot less costly than Medicare having to cover complications that could have easily been prevdented!