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Medicare Coverage for the Omni Pod Insulin Pump

There are many insulin pumps on the market! Many of them have tubing attached to a syringe that is placed inside the PDM,they have no information on the meter: regarding the amount of insulin remaining, the present blood glucose level
and the amount of insulin that will correct a High Blood Sugar,
or prevent you from overdosing by taking too much Insulin!
You can go swimming with the Omni Pod or take a bath and soak for a period of time without the Omni Pod falling off or stop working from being in the water!

You can also wear the Omni Pod to take a bath or a shower! You can swim while wearing it,sit in the tub and take a bath.

of insulin that will reduce a blood sugar, allows you to know if your blood sugar is too low to take a dose of insulin!
The people @ Insulet Corporation are there 24/hrs a day and are well informed regarding all issues dealing with the Omni Pod. If you have a problem with the PDM or the POD you call insulet they immediately send out a replacement!

Why is this important?

The US Congress has to change the wording & the Code Numbers that they assigned to the OMNI POD INSULIN PUMP!
The Code NUMBERS that they assigned are:POD A 9274 & PDME0784!
They must change the above Code Numbers and the wording that they applied because the Code Numbers they applied
makes Omnipod a disposable item! Medicare is not allowed to cover it!)

The Congress seems to be ignorant of the fact that the Omni Pod allow Diabetics to experience Blood Sugar Control!
I'm sure if the members had family members or children or grand children with Diabetes this would have been resolved before the Omni Pod came out on the Market!