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Mental Health Reform

We must recognize the number of people that have mental illness and are not covered by their insurance or have no insurance. Doctors and medications can be very expensive. Many people self medicate with alcohol and drugs, which is an economic burden and the cause of so much crime. Crime is about more then GUNS!! MENTAL ILLNESS is not shameful, it is a chronic illness that can be controlled. In this 21st Century we MUST act on a National and State level. These people and families need help. We need more research also, much more. Let's us be committed to and take action on this very important issue. Please have a voice with me!!!

Why is this important?

My very intelligent daughter became psychotic in the 90s.She was diagnosed with Bi-Polar type 1 and had drug and alcohol addictions.. I was told that she would be in and out of mental institutions for the rest of her life. I said , "By God she will not." I thank God for the help she was able to receive without cost from the University of Pittsburgh.and a treatment center in another state for her addictions. It was a long hard battle.Only because of our determination and her will to get better she not only got her college degree from a highly regarded university but also got her masters degree. She presently is happily married with two children and a loving husband. She received the Excellence in Teaching award her first year teaching at a junior college. She is a wonderful mother and volunteer at school and in the community.