To: Mount Greylock Regional School committee, Joe Bergeron, Chairman, Christina Conry, Committe member, Al Terrenova, Committee member, Steve Miller, Committee member, Dan Caplinger, Committee member, and Allison Carter, Committee member

MGRS District Turnover Concerns

Mount Greylock School Committee to Address Turnover at District and School Level

Why is this important?

This petition is to request that the Mount Greylock School Committee take immediate steps to effectively exercise its mandated supervisory role in evaluating and addressing the turnover of union and non-union personnel experienced at the district and school level since the current Superintendent was promoted to Assistant Superintendent in July of 2016. It cannot be that the School Committee views such turnover as routine, let alone indicative of effective and appropriate top-level leadership. We are concerned about the impact on our school community.

Background: The list of non-union positions “vacated” includes
- Custodial Supervisor at Lanesborough Elementary (Administrative Leave)
- Administrative Assistant Lanesborough Elementary School
- Principal Lanesborough Elementary School
- Cafeteria Manager Mount Greylock
- Maintenance/Facilities Director (out on leave) (District)
- Interim Director of Pupil Services
- Director of Pupil Services (out on leave) (District)
- Compliance Monitoring Assistant/Pupil Services Coordinator (now "Team Leader") (District)
- Bookkeeper/Business Assistant (District/Central Office)
- Treasurer (District/Central Office)
- Office Assistant (District/Central Office)
- Administrative Assistant/HR Specialist (District/Central Office)
- Administrative Assistant to Superintendent/HR (District/Central Office)
- Business Manager (District/Central Office
- Superintendent (District/Central Office)

Please this in not a place for comments about anyones children or families.
Thank you


Reasons for signing

  • It is very disturbing to read of so many local parents and concerned citizens commenting on their lack of confidence in the behavior of the sitting Superintendent of our school district. It would appear that an open meeting addressing these concerns is in line.
  • I feel that your current superintendent Kim Grady is not a leader you should be standing up for. She has shown a lack of diplomacy in how she handles issues with teachers and staff. When she is questioned or disagreed with she will find a way to dismiss that individual. She uses scare tactics or right out lies. In short (Bullying ) to get her way. I have 2 nephews in your schools and feel that she will take away from the excellent teaching staff that is there now. So please consider looking ...
  • I used to live in the area and still concerned for the kids.