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Testing for Mirena IUD/Skyla IUD: Clotting & Autoimmunity

There needs to be more studies and trials to research a potential connection between the Mirena IUD, clotting and autoimmunity. After using Mirena IUD, women are suffering from autoimmune reactions and diseases and other health risks associated with blood clotting. There needs to be thorough research done on the silicone used in Mirena IUD (and now Skyla IUD) and the synthetic progestogen (LNG) used in Mirena IUD (and now Skyla IUD). If there is a connection, women and their doctors need to be warned by the manufacturer, Bayer — especially women with a family medical history of clotting or autoimmunity. And women who have been affected need answers.

Why is this important?

After using Mirena IUD, I developed Avascular Necrosis (bone deterioration from a lack of blood supply) in both hips and one shoulder. I also developed Sjogren's Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. In 2012, I had four surgeries, including a hip replacement, and had to learn to walk again at 32 years old. My youngest son wasn't even a year old at the time. My shoulder deteriorated so quickly after the insertion of Mirena that I couldn't use my arm, meaning I could lift my children or hug them with both arms. Once I had the Mirena IUD removed, the clotting and AVN stopped spreading. Doctors call my case "idiopathic," meaning no known cause. I am certain that the Mirena IUD triggered my decline in health. I am a mother of three who works full-time and is left handicapped, with a lifelong disease. I am not alone. Potential effects of the Mirena IUD (and Skyla IUD, which is the same device but releases smaller daily doses of LNG) relating to clotting and autoimmunity need more thorough investigations. Women and their doctors need to be warned of the potential effects and those adversely affected need answers.


Reasons for signing

  • My health has declined rapidly since I had the Mirena IUD implanted. I started losing my hair rapidly, severe kidney malfunction causing 14 surgeries in a period of 6 months while pregnant, I wake up in severe pain every morning from severe bone deterioration and have been formally diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and being tested for lupus waiting on the results. I was perfectly healthy before the Mirena 3 years ago and my body hasn't been the same since.
  • I also believe after having the Mirena I developed Lupus! I am so disappointed!
  • This year I finally figured out the scaly rash that appears on the top of my butt is due to Mirena and not by testing either! 3 different doctors, 3 different test all came back with no answers. I’ve been having this problem since 2011. Earlier this year I realize that the rash was coming more and always around my cycle time. When I plugged in my symptoms I found that so many women were going through the same issue and I was thinking at first this is some type of period allergy.... Then I ...